american kestral (sparrow hawk)


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12 thoughts on “american kestral (sparrow hawk)

  1. A lovely image and a beautiful bird, Cyndi

  2. Gorgeous, Cyndi. Sometimes a creature’s gaze seems to more than just a passing look – like in this photo.

  3. Beautiful Cyndi! The bird and the shot!

  4. What a beautiful bird, you’ve captured him/her so well!

  5. Lovely image!

    I just read a book series about a wizard who’s nickname is “Sparrow Hawk”. 🙂

    • oh! i would love to read that!

      • The first book in the series is called “A Wizard of Earthsea” by Urusula K LeGuin. Following the wizardly legend that knowing something’s true name gives a wizard power over it, everyone in this imaginary world has a public name and a true name. “Sparrow Hawk” is the wizard’s public name.

      • thank you! i’m going to check that book out! sounds like a book i would love

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