Indian Steps 4


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51 thoughts on “Indian Steps 4

  1. Wow, amazing image and colors!

  2. This is a wonderful series of photos, Cyndi. I sometimes encourage my Chippewa wife to dress in such garb, but she doesn’t do it.

  3. Great picture. Was this taken at the Indian Steps Powwow in Pennsylvania?

  4. Outstanding! I enjoyed that quite a bit.

  5. les couleurs sont superbes

  6. I looked through all your posts. You have potential. I am curious what sort of editing software you use in your work? Keep posting, keep shooting. – Bob

  7. I am all about color, so I can very much appreciate the beautifully exposed color in the native costumes.

  8. I was thinking of you today as I went out for a shoot. I wish I had an apprentice with your eye & enthusiasm. I love to teach. I’ve taken my best friend out attempting to show him how to compose & look for the right light but it’s just not in him. He’s rather snap cellphone pics where he doesn’t have to do anything. Photography is just not his bag.

    I have a great niece in South Carolina that is a struggling professional photographer. I now live 3,000 away from her and can only offer advice. Keep the faith I’ve heard it said you don’t start getting good until you’ve taken 10,000 frames. The saying simply means that with each shot you take away a bit of knowledge that brings you closer to the artist you aspire to become. Stick with it. – Bob

    • thank you so much Bob, i think that is the most wonderful compliment i could receive. I do have an art background. i have also seen in others that either they have an innate knowledge of composure and lighting or they don’t, i’m not sure it’s something easily taught. i see what i want and learn my camera to get the best shot i can. does it always work? of course not! i’m my worst critic!

      your photos are an inspiration to me, and so are you! i will keep on keeping on, and look forward to your critiques!

      • I had a revelation shooting an old shed today. I had my new Sony NEX-5n camera with me. After taking the shot and posting it on a photographic forum the moderator laughed and said I had posted the exact same shot months ago. It was taken with my Nikon D800 but the framing, light & composition were identical. It would seem I am consistant. 🙂

      • consistency is what i strive for, but haven’t found yet. oh but i will 🙂

  9. Is this native Americans. The colours are amazing. Nicely captured photo, movement and composition is well balanced.

  10. Great colours Cyndi. Thanks for liking my blog.

  11. this picture is so alive, i actually feel the action in it.

  12. Beautiful and vibrant! Thank you for liking my blog.

  13. Amazing photo!

  14. Striking, vibrant photo, with movement, clarity and well the colors are just fun!

  15. gtonthenet

    Fantastic colours!

  16. Terrific.

  17. perrywarren

    I love the vibrance of the colors. Really lovely.

  18. Cyndi: Brilliant color and compostion.

  19. Indian Steps 4 is an amazing photo. Thank you for the like of my post “House and Garden”.

  20. Fantastic detail and colour saturation.

  21. The clarity in this is great – particularly when the subject is moving. What camera are you using?

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