autumn color


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22 thoughts on “autumn color

  1. une bien belle lumiere

  2. Beautiful picture! 🙂

  3. arnoldthearmadillo

    I think that someone has stolen the bridge.., 😀

  4. The way the colors mingle in the river’s reflection is gorgeous, isn’t it? Always a pleasure to visit, Cyndi.

  5. Absolutely gorgous! We just moved to CO and in June from FL and I didn’t get the chance to get out this Fall to take pictures. That even sounds weird to my ears! BTW thanks for stopping by Keeping up with Carol 🙂

  6. Beautiful photot 🙂

  7. Laura

    Oh my! These are beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I had fun looking at your pics.

  8. Thanks for the follow at Pairodox Farm. I’ve taken a brief look at cyndipachinophotography and am impressed. Nice images. I’m wondering whether you’re in New York state? In any case, I’ll be back shortly. Thanks again for checking in. D

  9. Beautiful photo! Love the fall colors, but more interesting to me are the brick walls, love the repetition and the colors of the walls 🙂

  10. I love the composition of this shot. Your use of perspective to lead the viewer’s eyes through the scene is very nice. I love the color of the background. Great job!

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