disrepair, infrared

disrepair, infrared

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10 thoughts on “disrepair, infrared

  1. What system do you use for the IR capture?

    • other than an infrared filter and lightroom, none.

      • So you do a normal capture and then do the IR effect in Lightroom? – just the techno-geek in me interested in how other folks work. Nice effect, almost a cyanotype look to it – albeit a more limited tonal range. My IR captures are done with a modified DSLR so that I only get captures from the near IR spectrum – there is still a bit of post processing in PS as the RAW files are pretty red and flat.

      • i don’t have a modified camera, just my canon 6D, and an infrared filter attached. i also don’t have photoshop so it takes a bit of workaround in lightroom on my RAW files

      • Thanks – I like the treatment you give them.

      • can you recommend an inexpensive modified camera?

      • I suggest trying ebay – especially if you are not in a hurry – lie in wait for the right deal – I got mine for $199 (body only) – but I’m a long time Nikon owner, so I had a lens to use. On the cheap you can go with the Nikon Coolpix 950 – which is a point and shoot, but it is sensitive to IR unconverted (do some Internet research on how to accomplish this). I am unsure of what you can do with Lightroom – at the very least I do a channel swap (red/blue) then levels adjustment in Photoshop using layers. Hope this helps – feel free to email me at robert@digital-infrared.com for more (long-winded) information should you need it. Good luck!

      • great! thank you. I can use GIMP to channel swap. just looking for a converted cam.

  2. This is gorgeous…of course, all of your pictures are 🙂

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